Tragedy at Fort Campbell: Multiple Casualties Reported in Kentucky Helicopter Crash

Tragedy at Fort Campbell: Multiple Casualties Reported in Kentucky Helicopter Crash

A heartbreaking incident occurred on Wednesday night as two HH-60 Blackhawk helicopters with the 101st Airborne Division crashed during a routine training mission in Trigg County, Kentucky, near the Tennessee border. According to Media Report at Fort Campbell, the Army base nearby, several casualties have been confirmed, though the number of fatalities and injuries is still unknown.

Unknown Status of Crew Members

The statement on the base’s Facebook page stated that the status of the crew members is unknown at this time. The Army has yet to disclose how many Air Assault crew members were killed or injured in the crash.

First Responders at the Scene

according to media report Governor Andy Beshear confirmed fatalities, and first responders are currently on the scene. Beshear also called on people to pray for the affected individuals. The Kentucky State Police are working alongside Fort Campbell authorities after an “aircraft incident” occurred in a rural area. A spokesperson for the state police confirmed that no residential areas were affected.

Support for Troops and Their Families

Fort Campbell personnel are currently focused on caring for the servicemembers and their families affected by the tragedy. Governor Beshear has announced plans to travel to Fort Campbell to offer his support to the troops and their families.

Condolences from Kentucky Senators

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell expressed his grief about the accident involving the 101st Airborne Division. In a statement on Twitter, he stated, “I am devastated to learn about the Army helicopter accident over Kentucky involving our brave 101st Airborne.”

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