IVE’s New Comeback Album Sells 1 Million Units: Here’s Why It’s Making Headlines

IVE's New Comeback Album Sells 1 Million Units: Here's Why It's Making Headlines

IVE, a popular K-pop girl group, has achieved a remarkable milestone by selling one million copies of their newest album, I’ve IVE, within just one week of its release. The group, who released their first-ever full studio album on April 10th, broke their personal record by hitting the one million mark in just six days, according to Hanteo Chart.

This impressive feat also makes IVE the third K-pop girl group to sell a million copies of an album within the first week of its release, joining the ranks of Aespa and Blackpink. The group’s pre-release track, Kitsch, helped them achieve both the All-Kill and Perfect All-Kill certifications by claiming the top spot on multiple music charts. It’s worth noting that IVE is the first K-pop group to achieve this feat in 2023.

If their early success is anything to go by, IVE’s popularity is only set to grow in the coming months. Fans of the group can look forward to seeing them climb even higher in the music charts and breaking even more records in the future.

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