8 Emotional Pleas: Shah Rukh Khan Appeals to Sameer Wankhede in Chats

working with his father is never challenging,Aryan Khan

8 heartfelt requests made by Shah Rukh Khan to Sameer Wankhede in their conversations: ‘Kindly ask your team to proceed cautiously, for the love of God.’ Shah Rukh Khan’s alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede from 2021 have been presented in court, revealing numerous emotional messages sent by the actor to the former Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau zonal director. In these exchanges, Shah Rukh implored Wankhede to show leniency towards his son, Aryan Khan, who was arrested in connection with a drugs-on-cruise case two years ago. Here are the key highlights from their conversations:

  1. Shah Rukh assures Aryan’s future success: In one of his initial messages, Shah Rukh expressed, “I will ensure that he becomes someone we both can be proud of. This incident will serve as a turning point in his life, I promise, in a positive way.”
  2. Shah Rukh offers a personal gesture of gratitude: He wrote, “God bless you. Whenever you find it convenient, please let me know, and I will personally come to give you a hug. I have always held you in the highest regard for your integrity, and now my respect for you has multiplied. Big respect.”
  3. Shah Rukh seeks Wankhede’s assistance while maintaining integrity: The actor requested, “If, without compromising your integrity as a law enforcement officer, you can provide any possible help, I will forever be grateful.” Shah Rukh emphasized, “You know that his involvement is minimal. All he needs is rehabilitation, and he has already received his share. I will also fulfill our discussed plan to help him become a better person.”
  4. A plea for leniency: “I beg you, please. For God’s sake, ask your team to proceed slowly. I promise I will stand by you always and assist you in achieving all the good you are striving for. This is a sincere promise, and you know me well enough to trust that I will keep it,” implored Shah Rukh.
  5. Acknowledging his son’s mistakes: Shah Rukh admitted that Aryan had gone astray, stating, “I beseech you to show mercy to me and my family. We are a simple family, and my son has made some mistakes, but he does not deserve to be incarcerated like a hardened criminal. You know this as well. Please, have a compassionate heart, my friend. I beg you. I love my children just as you love yours.”
  6. The plea not to break faith in the justice system: “Sameer, I am a kind and gentle person. Please, don’t let my faith in you and the system be shattered. It would devastate us as a family,” pleaded Shah Rukh.
  7. Wankhede’s promise to treat Aryan as his own: “You have observed my conduct throughout this ordeal. You know that I would never support anything against what you are doing. I believed you when you said you consider Aryan as your own and want to guide him towards a better path.”
  8. Shah Rukh’s trust in Wankhede’s intentions: “I haven’t done anything to hinder my son’s reformation. I haven’t made any public statements. I have simply believed in your goodness. Please, don’t let me down as a father,” expressed Shah Rukh.

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