Rolex Milgauss Watch Reviews: Find Your Perfect Timepiece


Rolex Milgauss Watch Reviews: Find Your Perfect Timepiece

Rolex Milgauss Reviews

Every year at Watches & Wonder, the event where the latest timepieces are showcased (or Baselworld for the seasoned aficionados), Rolex releases new models while discontinuing older ones. Such is the natural cycle of the watch industry.

This year, Rolex is bidding farewell to the Milgauss, a timepiece specially designed for scientists with its anti-magnetic properties. It was also one of the most uniquely designed sports models by Rolex in modern times and has been a part of their catalog since 2007. Unfortunately, it has been removed from the Rolex website, which means no more green crystal, no more orange lightning bolt second hand, and no more bi-color lume and yellow lume plots (in the black dial version). This marks the second wave of discontinuations for the Milgauss series. In the past, Rolex phased out the non-green crystal black and white dial models of ref. 116400, which was a favorite of our EVP of Content Nick Marino.

Now, both the green-crystal black dial (116400GV) and the popular green-crystal Z-Blue dial model (also the 116400GV) have been discontinued. It remains to be seen if Rolex will introduce a new Milgauss model in the future, and if so, what changes will be made. Some enthusiasts were hoping for a titanium version, but it seems unlikely for the time being.

However, the Milgauss has been a staple in the Rolex sports models lineup since 1956, and it is doubtful that it will be gone for long. For now, let’s pay tribute to this cult favorite timepiece.

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