Salim Khan’s Concerns: What Does Salman’s Father Think About the Threat?


Salim Khan's Concerns: What Does Salman's Father Think About the Threat?

Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar, has reportedly received a new threat email from an aide of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. However, despite the danger to his life, Salman remains unfazed by the situation. Sources close to the family reveal that it is actually Salman’s father, Salim Khan, who is most concerned about his son’s safety.

Salim Khan’s Concerns

According to a close family friend, the Khan family abides by the rule of “hum-saath-saath-hain” (we stand united). Therefore, no one shows their true apprehensions outwardly. Despite this, Salim Khan is said to be getting sleepless nights over the threat to his son’s life.

Salman Khan’s Security

The source also revealed that Salman was initially against the beefed-up security outside his Bandra residence but eventually agreed due to family pressure. It is clear that the entire family is taking the situation seriously and doing what they can to ensure Salman’s safety.


Despite the new threat email, Salman Khan remains calm and composed. It is heartening to see the family rallying around him and ensuring his safety. We hope that the authorities will take swift action and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Stay tuned to ETimes for further updates on this developing story.

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